Malibu Rum: pitch



I was part of a team that pitched a special edition package of Malibu Rum. The rum was to come in a cylindrical box which also contained a blow-up doll dubbed "The Malibu Man." Once inflated, the Malibu Man provided endless hours of fun. There was a clear plastic slot on the head in which you could slide printed cutouts of your friends' faces. There was also a pocket in which placed coasters could be inserted with printed party tips and games. The Malibu Man could be used to draw attention to store displays and promotional stunts. For reference we had a blow-up sex doll hanging around the office.

doll roll

inflating doll

face swapping

We proposed a media kit with a self-inflating Malibu Man:

media kit

There would be online applications on to allow you to upload and print out faces and coasters for the Malibu Man:



Imagine the surprise of these bar-goers when they discover a room full of Malibu Men:


These people are so stoked on the Malibu Man that they have uploaded pictures of themselves posing with it, and joined the Malibu Man facebook group:




We also pitched different Malibu bottle concepts, including a bottle that had an outer layer you could peel off in strips, with little messages such as party ideas, mixing instructions, and Malibu lore. I also illustrated a glow-in-the-dark Malibu bottle that was plastic so you could toss it around pretending you're Tom Cruise from the movie Cocktail, with bottle flipping instructions printed on the back .