Ubisoft: Rabbids Go Home storyboards

The Rabbids are mischievous alien bunnies stranded on Earth who want to return to the moon from whence they came. Below are storyboards I did for a series of animated shorts that promote the video game "Rabbids Go Home" by Ubisoft.

In the first short the Rabbids try to use the chemical reaction of combining Mentos breath mints with Coke to propel themselves to the moon. I credit myself with coming up with the 'Good Ear' gag.mentos

Here's the completed animation:


The object of the video game is to guide your Rabbid around town, tossing anything that's not bolted down into your shopping cart, and deposit them in a huge pile that the rabbids will climb in order to reach the moon. The military, dogs and other antagonists try to stop your mad object-gathering spree. Will the Rabbids reach the moon? It is imperative that you play the video game to find out.

In this next one a rabbid tries to hitch a ride on a UFO he sees by disguising himself as a cow. I like the brain-probed bovine dropped from the UFO added in the final scene:


Here's some other Rabbid storyboards. The fart-propellant one was maybe was too scatologic to make the final cut.