Red Bull X-Fighters: opening ceremonies



The above storyboards illustrate a choreographed spectacle that opened the 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters games in Calgary, Canada.

X-Fighters is an event where guys on motorcross bikes go over ramps and do stunts. There is no fighting, and nothing is x-shaped. For the ceremony, I was instructed to illustrate the following: representatives of the Blackfoot tribe elevate out of trap-doors amid spectacular pyrotechnics, while giant drums pulsate light and also erupt in flame. Meanwhile, motocross contestants line up behind the stage, and members of the Blackfoot tribe traverse the stadium on horseback. Finally, the Blackfoot chief announces "Let the Red Bull X-Fighters begin!"

There were 3 different versions of the horses and riders. Originally there was a cowboys and indians theme. Then there was a lady in full-body x-emblazoned spandex holding a flag and then also there were mounties.


As with Red Bull Crashed Ice, many stunts and tie-ins were visually conceived. Like a coaster set illustrating the different mid-air moves, or a barmaid's tray with motorcross tire trim. And also chuck-wagon being pulled by motorbikes...

street_stunt coasterschuckwagontray

Here is a poster design that they didn't use, but I kind of like:


I tried to find videos or pictures of the actual ceremony. They seemed to have gone back to the cowboys and indians theme in the end, and downgraded the pyrotechnics but it's hard to tell from the pictures.